Another day! Oct 5th, 22

Another day! Oct 5th, 22
Photo by Debby Hudson / Unsplash

Okay, when you have a blog page, I guess you need to write time to time right? So I decided to fill in more often about my days and stuff. Here we go.

I am Covid for the past two days. Last night was, well "interesting" we can say. I never remember sweating that much 扔 But now I'm much better.

Before jumping into my personal main project, I decided to write a small software that I have been thinking about quite a while. Back in late 90s and early 2000s, we had lots of CDs and DVDs and we used to have nice different Catalog softwares to index our archives. This way, it was too easy to find the file we were looking for without going through all the CDs. Now the problem is, I returned back to using DVDs but all the indexing softwares out there are now very old. They barely work or not work at all. I tried to compile a few of them myself but the libraries they use are now long gone or changed a lot. TLDR; I am writing a CD/DVD/Network Drive indexing software, which supports metadata tags and image thumbnails. I'm getting to know more about the QT Framework and so far I liked it. I've never used QT Creator before. I was mainly sticking to good old Lazarus (FreePascal) for my RAD GUI development needs. But I noticed that keeping the Pascal conventions and standard libraries in mind is getting harder nowadays. There are so many things to keep in mind.

What else? Oh the book! Right. I have been thinking about writing a fiction novel for a long time and now I kick-started it. Now I am working on the chapters outline, characters, places etc. So the main research phase. Then I'll start writing.

I'm reading Stephen King's Insitute. If you enjoyed "Stranger Things" then this might also get your attention. No more spoilers tho. But don't think that Stephen King stole anything from Stranger Things. We all know that Stranger Things has a lot of references from King and is heavily influenced on Kings' 80s and early 90's works.

And I am trying meditation. Not the spritual way tho. I do it to stop my mind from drifting away into anxieties of life. It really helps! I can gladly recommend everyone.

So far so good. See you!