Road so far;

Road so far;
Photo by Amanda Sandlin / Unsplash

Life teaches you lessons. And there are two types of them: Those you remember and those you don't really give a damn about.

From my perspective, I had a lot of life lessons which I just don't care. I can do the same fucking mistakes over and over again and each time, I find different ways to fail. But here are some small things that stick to me;

  1. "What I cannot create, I do not understand" by Richard Feynman. But I learnt the meaning of this before I learnt this quote. Simply speaking, books or articles can give you a hint but if you want to learn science or tech, you have to get your hands dirty and try it yourself.
  2. Have some side-projects. Always keep yourself busy.
  3. Work with people who are better than you. But never expect them to give you a hand. Just be there when they do their work and observe and see how they do things.
  4. Prestige is more important than money. In some cases, one can have both. But not always. If you got to choose between, choose the prestigious one.
  5. Don't talk much about your work or yourself. Let your work do the talking.
  6. No matter what happens, time will always pass. What you are going through now will remain a memory.
  7. Stop blaming your past. Find what you feel, and figure out what you think of that makes you feel that way. Then change your thoughts. Feelings will follow.
  8. If you are writing software like me, make sure you enjoy it. And don't let anything to steal that joy away from you.
  9. You can't respect everything. In-fact, you have every right to disrespect stupid stuff.