My birthday gift!

My birthday gift!

This is what we do at ICEYE. And it's just awesome!

18th of June was my birthday and this is my birthday gift from ICEYE Oy. This is how we at ICEYE see the Golden Horn of Istanbul from space using one of our satellites. The image includes so many historical places for the keen eyes.

Just five years ago, I was walking along those streets, and now I got to see it from space.

I started coding when I was 14 because our computer was crappy old and we were unable to play any video games like other kids. All it could run smoothly was QuickBasic and Pascal. And I never stopped coding for the past 22 years.

And here I am. Working for the largest SAR satellite constellation, coding for the space, helping to monitor climate crisis or natural catastrophes and many more.

I am so proud to be working here.