Tips to be a better programmer

Tips to be a better programmer
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  • Let's skip the essentials by mentioning them. Learn common algorithm challenges. Try solving common interview questions yourself without cheating. Read about the code architectures and see how your favorite open source projects are written.
  • Always work at places where there are more senior programmers that you can learn from.
  • Do not be afraid to change your context/project.
  • Do not be afraid to change your job if you believe you are not growing personally.
  • Have side projects for yourself. To entertain yourself or to try technologies, algorithms that you do not have a chance to try at your workplace.
  • Read! Not just technical books. Read fiction, science-fiction, history, biography or anything. Reading will train your subconsciousness for better problem solving. It will get you some artificial experience.
  • Be patient. This is essential. Nothing comes easy. Give your self the time you need to be better.
  • Back to the roots! Learn low-level programming. Make sure you understand computing essentials well.
  • If you have a chance, try programming micro-controller chips like Arduino. Try to solve complex problems (like common programming interview questions) with it. This will teach you computing essentials like memory management or performance tuning.
  • Learn how to use profiling tools like Valgrid, cProfile or what ever tool your programming language of choice has. And learn to read the profiling output to find the bottlenecks in your software.
  • Restrict yourself. 80 columns of line length will make your double-think about the complexity of your code. You will begin to see the parts that are redundantly nested, complex and further more, parts that needs to be split as a separate unit (function).
  • Try to use linter defaults. They teach better ways to do a thing.
  • Do not just learn about design patterns or principles. Also learn about anti-patterns.