Yet another day! Oct 10th, 2022

Yet another day! Oct 10th, 2022
Photo by Carl Raw / Unsplash

Poor Man's Catalog is now almost ready. At least I can use it and I had a chance to learn how to create a Debian package. That's a good thing, right?

You can checkout if you need any DVD/CD/External Hard Drive catalog software for Linux. It uses Qt5 and works on a modern Linux Distro. All the alternatives that I've found before were all based on deprecated libraries or versions of the libraries. It was too hard to get them to work.

New TV Series: The Midnight Club. Another 90s themed horror/mystery series based on Christopher Pike's original books. You can say that Netflix wants to milk the shit out of 90s. :D

But the book was published on 1994 and I guess Netflix has changed the story a bit to make it more dramatic. Actually Netflix does that quite often like The Haunting of Hill House. It "barely" resembled the original work.

Now I started to read Batman comics on my tablet. To be honest, I didn't expect to enjoy it this much. I have a big archive of comic books that I need to go through. This will take time :)

Stay safe everyone!